Provider Aims & Objectives

  • To provide high-quality care support to individuals within their own homes in a way that promotes their independence and involves them in key decisions around their care package.
  • To ensure that all plans for care relating to individuals we support are enabling, flexible and outcome driven.
  • To promote best practices throughout the industry.
  • To communicate effectively to all parties involved with customer care and to collaborate with the best interest of the individual we support in mind when required.
  • Meet and exceed CQC's and our individuals ' expectations in relation to quality monitoring of our service.
  • To make quality and safety key parts of our agencies foundations.
  • To recruit, train and support the highest skilled and experienced staff that are available. Offering a training program and further development.
  • Supply appropriate staff consistently, documenting feedback when available.
  • To act as a single point of contact for the individuals we support in regards to information and advice.
  • To always act professionally and respectfully allowing for individual's diversity and equality needs.

Our clinical support workers provide professional support for a wide range of service users. We offer:

Care for older people, enabling them to be as independent as they can with the help and support of staff within their homes and the wider community.
Care for adults with specialist or complex needs, such as physical disabilities.

  • We also offer care support for individuals and their families at the end of life. Tailored support to enable individuals to recover their independence after a period of illness, injury or stay in hospital.
  • Respite for family members that are caring for an individual
  • We can support with night cover either as a sleep-in or a 'waking night'.
  • Services commissioned through KCC and the NHS. Enabling Care For You Ltd services are also privately funded by individual service users or their families.
PASS, Care Management Tool

Enabling Care For You use the latest IT systems throughout the company.

PASS is a comprehensive, outcome-focused and person-centred digital care management tool for carers, care managers and commissioners.

PASS provides all key information at the point of care and builds a robust audit trail of all care provided.

PASS is linked to GP Connect which allows authorised care professionals to share and view GP practice clinical information and data between IT systems, quickly and efficiently. The service makes patient medical information available to all appropriate clinicians when and where they need it to support direct patient care, leading to improvements in both care and outcomes. This means we can work seamlessly with medical and healthcare colleagues to provide the best possible care and clinical pathways to the individuals we support.

  • We can provide live information recording about the care and support for the individual instantly.
  • Ensure the teams are aware when individual’s needs change and respond to them reactively.
  • Offer the ability to use and compare data to improve individual’s care.
  • Help information to be shared quickly, accurately and safely to support the provision of health and care services
  • Minimise risks such as medication errors, dehydration or Nutrition.
  • Ensure that there are no missed visits.
  • This help to support other important health and care functions, such as service management, planning and improve the quality of care.
  • Supports staff to do their job effectively and efficiently
  • Supports better use of resources across the health and care system.
  • Instant access for professionals when required.
  • Ensures data is stored in line with GDPR
  • Paperless service- Going paperless helps to reduce C02 (carbon dioxide) emissions, Enabling Care are trying to reduce their carbon footprint.
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