Covid 19 Update

The COVID-19 vaccines produce protection against the disease, as a result of developing an immune response to the SARS-Cov-2 virus. Developing immunity through vaccination means there is a reduced risk of developing the illness and its consequences. This immunity helps you fight the virus if exposed. 90 % of our staff have received their second Covid-19 Vaccine.

For Our Clinical Support workers

Many of you may have experienced whilst in the community, hospice and hospitals the challenges that lie ahead for our whole health sector. It is at times of crisis like the present time that your contribution is of the upmost value and importance to ensure that the individuals we support, and the wider community are receiving the safest and best possible care.
We admire all staff who are putting the needs of others in front of the needs of their own and all be it at last minute stepping in to support.

As the Coronavirus spreads it is vital that individuals, we support are reassured that we have the safest PPE that we can have and that all staff are fully aware of the policy's and procedures that are in place to minimalise the risk for everyone.
We request that our clinical support workers remain flexible and supportive to our service at this critical time.

For Clients

Please rest assured in the current pandemic that Enabling Care are fully operational. We will continue to deliver the safest and highest quality of care. We have put in additional recourses to ensure that in the tough times that lay ahead we are able to offer to support for not only our current clients but to be able to support additional individuals where necessary in guidance from our government.

Management have completed COVID- 19 training so that as an agency we have better understanding with regards to the containment and spread of the virus.

We have updated policy's, procedures and It takes account of latest government advice on self-isolation, set out in guidance issued by Public Health England.

Enabling Care For You have purchased further supplies of PPE and all staff will be wearing filtration masks as opposed to the normal face mask to ensure that the risks will be minimalised where practicably possible.

Staff have increased their availability to ensure if any staff need to self-isolate that their work is covered during this period.

The electric care plan system that we use has a Covid-19 Status for both staff and clients, along with this we have a Covid - 19 screening template for both staff and clients. 

Individuals who are looking for a placement

As other industries have no alternative to shut down or place their staff on garden leave Enabling Care For You and currently recruiting and able to offer you permanent or temporary work placements. We are also happy to hear from volunteers who may be able to help in the current situation 01732 240794


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